The landscape of Data Privacy and Data Protection is rapidly changing and if that isn’t enough, it’s globally challenging too: with different laws, regulations and cultural expectations, dependent on where the information is held! 

Given that it is only ever possible to demonstrate compliance rather than be compliant – staying compliant can prove to be an ongoing challenge.

Where do Organisations even start? With a quick and cost-effective solution to Compliance Peace of Mind

OnlineDPO’s Express Privacy Assessment (EPA) will give you oversight of your current Data Protection Programme position, in as little as seven days and at £3000 it’s excellent value for money, making the assessment more of a value add rather than a cost centre to your Organisation.

The EPA has been strategically developed by our Practising Privacy Professionals and certified experts to ensure it meets globally recognised benchmarks (that you would only expect to see in larger Corporations) at the same time as appealing to small to medium Organisations, who may not necessarily have the skill set or budget for expensive or forensic audits. 

Its simple and automated process means that you, the Organisation, can quickly and easily  

  • Determine the current maturity level of your Data Protection Programme (DPP) 
  • Identify any priorities, gaps or risks  
  • Have peace of mind that you can demonstrate compliance  
  • Achieve rapid results without lengthy engagements or the expense that goes with it!
  • Produce a well-structured report upon request that evidences compliance 
  • Review and renew your DPP annually 
  • Take advantage of Data Privacy Support Packages 

The assessment is suitable for all employees, even those that might not have any privacy knowledge meaning that everyone can participate, regardless of their experience. Our simple guidance will provide them with the peace of mind and confidence to participate fully whilst helping to raise awareness and creating a pathway to the privacy culture within the Organisation as a whole! 

Upon receipt, between the automated process and the Privacy Professional’s overview, you can expect to receive a well-structured report, with easy-to-understand actions and suggestions within seven days! Providing details on your current DPP position, where you need to be and how you can get there! 

And if that’s not enough, you can always take advantage of a complimentary one-to-one with one of our Practising Privacy Professionals, who will happily run-through the report findings with you. 

But remember – don’t allow your investment to go to waste, the regulatory landscape can change rapidly!  

To ensure you always stay compliant and current, make sure you sign up for our our EPA Annual Renewal Discount Plan or take advantage of one of our Data Privacy Support Packages! 

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